if people tried to convince you that the shapes in a cloud are a stable world, with beings and things, you would say it isn’t true, because those shapes are obviously fleeting.  there is no form there.  it only appears to be there. i'm pointing out that it’s the same with all of existence.
- darryl bailey -


mich erstaunen leute, die das universum begreifen wollen - wo es schwierig genug ist, in chinatown zurechtzukommen.
- woody allen -


the common division of the world into subject and object, inner world and outer world, body and soul is no longer adequate.
- werner heisenberg -

it's all an expression of love.  when it's seen clearly, in its totality - it's pure love.
- rick linchitz -

ein mensch der sagt: 'jetzt bin ich angekommen' oder 'jetzt bin ich glücklich', befindet sich zwischen zwei leidsituationen. einer vergangenen und einer zukünftigen. dieses glück ist lediglich erregung, die durch fehlen von leid verursacht wird. wahres glück kann nicht in etwas gefunden werden, das sich verändert und vorübergeht.

zu sagen 'ich erkenne mich selbst' oder 'ich weiß wer ich bin' ist ein widerspruch in sich selbst. das was erkannt wird, kann nicht 'ich selbst' sein.

when you deceive yourself that you work for the good of all, it makes matters worse, for you should not be guided by your own ideas of what is good for others. a person who claims to know what is good for others is dangerous.
- nisargadatta -


what life is, i don't know - nor will i ever.

when the movement in the direction of becoming something/someone other than WHAT IS, isn't there anymore - there is peace.
- u.g. krishnamurti -

absichtslos, mit leerem herz und geist laden die blüten den schmetterling ein -
absichtlos, mit leerem herz und geist besucht der schmetterling die blüten.
wenn die blume sich öffnet, kommt der schmetterling -
wenn der schmetterling kommt, öffnet sich die blume.

wo es schönheit gibt, da gibt es auch hässlichkeit - wo es richtig gibt, da gibt es auch falsch.
weisheit und unwissenheit bedingen einander. illusion und erleuchtung kann man nicht trennen.
dies ist eine alte wahrheit - glaube nicht, sie sei erst jetzt entdeckt worden.
'ich will dies - ich will jenes' - das ist nichts als dummheit.
ich will dir ein geheimnis verraten: 'alle dinge sind vergänglich'
- ryokan -


out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field - i'll meet you there.
- rumi -


it is an illusion that 'you' exist - the entity 'you' is imagined. the imagination that 'you' exist as something or someone seperate is the cause of acceptance or rejection of something known. it is illusion telling the story of it's own deception. the knower and the known are just concepts seemingly dividing natural non-conceptual knowing. believing in the thought 'i am' gives seeming reality to the objective world which is constantly changing, yet everything in essence is that changeless natural knowing - nothing else.
- sailor bob -


the apparent feeling of being separate is at the root of suffering, inadequacy and sense of loss that drives people to search for escape or resolution. it is being dreaming that it is apart from itself, looking all over the place for that which is already everything. it is the hypnotic dream of separation which, for the dreamer, is very real.

the dilemma for the dream seeker is that the feeling of separation drives the seeking for resolution, which further fuels the sense of separation.

natural being is such an ordinary and gentle constant. when it is seen it is. when it is avoided it is. it requires no effort and demands no standards. being timeless there is no path to tread, no debt to pay. when this is heard and confusion collapses, when the contraction of struggling to get something falls away and the vibrant energy of being aliveness becomes apparent, something else is seen, very naturally of course, because it is already all that is.
- tony parsons -

nothing can keep us away from liberation.  but if anything could, it would be the very act of searching for liberation, because liberation is the simple seeing of this and the recognition that it is enough.  as long as we are searching, we are looking for something else, in some other place, in some other time.  we are looking for something that doesn't exist, because nothing exists anywhere else, in any other time. there is no other place and no other time. everything exists only in this. this is already liberation.
- richard sylvester -

we think we are the owners of our traits, our personalities, our bodies, our knowledge, and our opinions. and we feel that we deserve to be what we are as though we ourselves had brought it about. ‘i have worked hard on myself,’ we like to say. the working hard on oneself is also part of our personality. when we feel that we haven’t accomplished anything worthwile in our life, we feel responsible for the failure - it’s our own fault if we don’t amount to anything.
can we look at all this and question it thoroughly ?
- toni packer -


'your' enlightenment will never arrive.  no time-bound story ever reaches enlightenment.  enlightenment is realized to be the timeless awareness that sees the time-bound story arising and falling. in that effortless noticing, the story is seen to be a dream that was never real.  there is nothing to get rid of.  only that seeing is needed.
- scott kiloby -

counter-intuitively, discovering the illusory nature of free will is amazingly liberating.  at the same time, there is a vast freedom that can only be realized here/now.  we are never actually bound in the ways we think we are.  our apparent bondage exists (or seems to exist) only in the story (our conceptualized life situation), and it can only exist in the imaginary past or the imaginary future.  here/now, there is no one to be bound.  this is not a philosophy or a belief but something that can be discovered directly.
- joan tollifson -


it is our essential nature of pure knowing that, modulating itself in the form of thinking, seems to become a mind; modulating itself in the form of sensing, seems to become a body; and modulating itself in the form of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling, seems to become a world; but never is, knows or becomes anything…
- rupert spira -

all is unity, love and beauty.  there is no escape.  ignorance is gone.  this is eternal life.  this is nectar.

reality is everywhere, and to find it 'you' must first disappear.

seeking of truth does not imply seeking anything anywhere whatsoever.
- papaji -

all that appears different in the world is a matter of degree, not kind.  the secret is, all things are ONE.
- swami vivekandanda, vedanta -


in reality, saying `we must see brahman in everything and everywhere' is also not quite correct.  only that stage is final, where there is no seeing, where there is no time or space.  there will be no seer, seeing and an object to see.  what exists then is only the infinite eye.
- ramana maharshi -