Ulrike Dana, lover of life.
In exploring life, she is devoted to both, the beauty of ordinary life and boundless presence.

Her background includes Christianity, Buddhism, Huna, Advaita Vedanta | Non Duality, Sacred Geometry | Metatron, Fibonacci | Golden Ratio, Numerology (Pythagoras | Thales of Miletus), Maya Tzolkin (Akbal 3), Meditation, Compassionate Inquiry, various somatic- and energywork, PTSD and CPTSD, NPD, BPD, Cluster B abuse (in particular narcissistic, codependent and spiritual abuse)
Fine Arts, Interior Design, Fashion & Jewellery | Design, Airline Sales and Sales Service Management, Press & Public Relations
Educational journeys: Australia, India, Nepal, Ecuador, Sedona|Arizona

She attended the Drunvalo Melchizedek School of Remembering in Sedona | Arizona and worked with him in ‚Awakening the Illuminated Heart‘, activation of the MerKaBa and Claudette Melchizedek’s Blue School teachings.

In Ram jhula | India she completed her Sadhana with a Master of the Himalayas, Swami Prabhavananda Saraswati.
Her Sannyasname is ‚Dana Alaya‘
Dana दान is a Sanskrit and Pali word in Indian philosophies that connotes the virtue of generosity, charity or giving of alms
Alaya आलय  is an abode , a spiritual home, a dwelling, a place